Project Description


Logo’s are not just symbolds.

They serve as visual representations of what your brand stands for and where it sits in the market.

A good logo should embody your brand values and use a colour palette that resonates with your product and target market.

When we work on brands we do so beyond the normal confines of simply creating a design for design sake.  We really tap into the core of your brand ID and create something unique to you.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

A range of skills are needed when creating a brand. There is so much work done behind the scenes and we do all work with close collaboration with our clients.

Market Research 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Brand ID 96%
Competitor Analysis 98%
Team Members
Days of Production
Cups of Coffee
Broken pencils

Initial Concept Planning

As with all projects we start with the concept stage and really get to know you and the brand

Drafts & Revisions

Stage 2 is all about creation and revision.  Where we bring together all our findings and design concepts which we present back to you for final approavel.

Final Delivery

Once the work is completed, all the files and branding documents that accompany the design are handed over to you.

Strong Brands

We believe in creating brands that stand out in the marketplace and one way we do that is to be clear on eactly what your Brand ID and Brand USP is.

Excellent Results

We pride ourselves on exceptional delivery and we do our absolute best to ensure our projects meet your requirements fully on target and budget.

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